Thank you, everyone, who participated! Special thanks to Beantown Greentown for organizing volunteers managing trash disposal before, during, and after the BFR! The City of Boston acknowledged everyone’s efforts as a major improvement from the previous year. Thank you, everyone, who brought positivity and good vibes!

Stay Tuned for 2020 BFR info.




This is our 30th year for the Boston Freedom Rally held annually on the Boston Common the third weekend in September!

When: Saturday, September 21st, 2019 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Where: Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts

Why: to provide cannabis education and practice civil disobedience


How to safely enjoy the Boston Freedom Rally | Know the Laws in Massachusetts


The Education Village:

MassCann/NORML Cannabis Education Village is our traveling education roadshow featuring historical pictures, the history of cannabis, hemp, prohibition, and how cannabis can save the planet. Vendors are in this area as well as panels and speakers throughout the day.


The 21-plus area:

The 21 plus area is for anyone with a cannabis business who is concerned about advertising cannabis product brands as the BFR does not have an age restriction. This ensures new cannabis businesses are in an area that the audience is at least 85% 21 and over. Vending is allowed in this area as well (minus cannabis products/THC sales). *Bring your ID’s if you want to check this area out, you must be 21 and over*



Vendor Booth #
The Seed Source 1
Exhale Smoke Shop 2
Brigid Farm LLC 3
Fronto King LLC 4
Exoticgenetix 5
Peacock Perfect Products, LLC 6
Dabilitated 7
Apis Mercantile 8
Solfire Gardens 9
Subcool’s the Dank 10
Weedgets LLC 11
G’s Gallery 12
Weed Boggs 13
Asters Apothecaries 14
Pharmboyz 15
Reserve Tank 17
Dab Nation 18
Buried Treasures 19
Fronto King LLC 20
Boston Green Health Inc. 21
Sky Walker Vapes LLC 22
SunBud Solutions 23
Best Life Distributors, Inc 24
Mass Medical Strains 25
The Cali Connection 26
Excelsior Extracts 27
Canopy Crew 28
Dabulance 29
Green Goddess Delights 30
Sugarhi farm 31
House of Orange 32
Herban Acres 33
Mammoth Microbes 34
The Healing Rose 35
Mason Grinder 36
Bluemoon smoke shop 37
Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories 38
Appleguyflowers 39
BirthJays 40
Archive seeds/ Artizen seed shop 41
HeadStash 42
9Lemons/Mycotek seeds 43
Jinxproof Genetics 44
The Healing Rose 45
Monte Glass 46
The Supply Co 47
Trill Bear Genetics 48
El Fuego Boss 49
AliCat Jewels 50
Medical Mary Jane Strains 51
Heavy Trichome Genetics 52
Green Goddess Supply 53
Toonbuds 54
Lili’s Glass 55
Beast coast consultanting 56
Still Toking Enterprises, Inc. 57
Peace out consulting 58
Three Buds Apothecary 59
Epitome Edibles 60
Pounds Lifestyle 61
Eternal Cultivars 62
Medible Xtracts 63
Highly Rooted 65
Budsuds 66
ISKCON boston 67
ISKCON boston 68
Boston Green Health Inc. 69
Free At Last 70
Lifestyles Wellness 71
Lifestyles Gallery 72
Lifestyles Distribution/PuffCo 73
Illusion Glass 74
Blue Bloods Grow 75
TasteTubes Vapes 76
Custom 420 Promos 77
Chemdog 78
MedWell Health & Wellness Centers 79
Family Tree Cannabis Co/Mycotek Organic Seeds 80
Picozza Dumont LLC 81
Boston Is Potent 82
SkyBlue Vapor 83
Dunkees 84
Ralph’s Garden 85
Annacanna Apothecary 86
Everest Wings 101
Insa, inc. 102
Elm Tree Company 103
The Seed Connection 104
BeGreen Supply 105
The Weed Man Tees 106
Dunkees 107
Excite 108
Hemper co 109
Dunkees 110
Potlove 111
David Cabral 112
Ooze 121
Top Dawg Seeds 122
Pure Oasis 123
Eastcoastcare 124
Loud Boston 125
Brothers Grimm 126
TheTéSpa 127
Northeast Alternatives 128
Natural Selections 129
Mission Dispensaries 130
Verilife 131
Dungeons Vault Genetics 132
Dark Horse Genetics 133 &134
Loud Boston 135
MCR Labs 136
Elevate NE NP1
Brooke/Kristin (OK&SP) NP5
Coltyns Crue NP6
StandWithUs “Israel Loves 4/20” NP8
MGH Center for Addiction Medicine Cannabis Study NP9
Thomas key Concepts NP10
Nature’s apothecary NP11
Jupiter NP12
Sensi NP13
Dan the Bagel Man NP14


Concessions Space #
NE Kettle Corn F1
Concessions Ltd. Group F2, F3, F7, F8. F9
F10, F11, F12
Herrera’s Burritos Inc. F4
Fork In The Road F5
Weed World F14
Slush King F15
Art Village (Artists JARS Glass donation) Booth #
Danny Camp 141
Tammy Baller 142
Mohawk Glass 143
2Mach Glass 144
Kayla James 145
Slate Glass 146
C4 Glass 147
Pubz Glass 148
The Real Trash Fire 149
King Glass 150
Messy Glass 151
27 Glassworks 152
Planemo Glass 153
Lofty Glass 154
Liquid Sand Studio 155
Matt 2000 Glass 156
Siren Glass 157
Rose Glass Art 158
J Glass 159
Twinkle Toes Glass 160
Moodmats 161
Restash 162
Potpockets 163
Jasouza 164
Richard Villavicencio 165
MassPipes 166