How to Play at the Boston Freedom Rally

2019 Boston Freedom Rally Submissions

All Band Members must be 18 years of age to Perform

Thank you for expressing your interest in playing the 2019 Boston Freedom Rally. The Music Committee is organizing this year’s submissions for review.  We will be organizing the performer list and be contacting you by email within 90 days.

Listed below are some of the current terms Masscann has set forth for previous years played. This does not necessarily mean that you are excluded from taking part in the BFR

Remember when sending music that this is a public event in the Boston common where families stroll through with their children. Also, this is located right across the street from the state house. We are trying to set a positive image for the cannabis community and who we are. From the music committee, we understand that music is a way for artists to express themselves. However, we ask that the music submitted be festival friendly. Positive vibes, low use of profanities, cannabis-themed and educational music will be very influential in the music committee’s selection process.

1. Following and Marketability of your band, You must have a strong following. To be considered for the Rally you need to have 1000+ Fans in State or 2000+ from out of state MINIMUM. This shows you put in the work and you have a draw. Give us the last three (3) venues you have performed at.

2. To apply, send your Electronic Press Kit, subject line “Boston Freedom Rally” or links to your audio files, along with your venue history.

3. Benefit shows, If you have the fans and were scouted for the rally, you could potentially play at an upcoming Masscann event (see event calendar) and help us bring out people and raise money that way. Check Events for scheduled events. What we expect from these Artists is simple: get a minimum of a 50+ person draws at $10.00 a head, donate the FULL amount to Masscann, minimum of $500.00 NO MAX. Truthfully bands with 1000+ followers have been chosen with the ability to raise a great deal more than that, so the minimum is set to be fair, but we are working towards legalization and every dollar counts. Donations to Masscann are non-refundable.

4. Buying stage time,  Masscann is a non-profit and we run on donations. If you want to donate your way onto the stage in replace of talent, based on past years and our current contract, each hour of Stage time is worth about $5,000.00. If you want to donate $2,000.00 to MassCann for 20 minutes of stage time (time negotiable), we can talk about getting you on stage unless you would like the slot to use for your own artists or competition, I suggest you not go this route.

5. Talent,  We are picking the best music we can find. You can be the biggest star in the world or be recording out of your closet, if you really REALLY have something and you can wow the audience, possibly launch your career, send your information! All band members must be at least 18 years of age

This is NOT a promise of performing on the main stage, but it means you will be looked at before anyone one else (with about 500+ submissions already flooding in, trust us you want to be looked at first)!

If you have any Questions please email me and I will respond as promptly as possible.

Philip Hardy
Masscann Music Director

Note; the Music Committee is reformed every year after the January Elections, and will then meet after that time to start consideration of applications for September’s rally.