David Rabinovitz

David Rabinovitz is our treasurer. David has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2010. He provides consulting services to entrepreneurs entering the industry and is the CEO of NewCann Group/CannaVenture Labs, a prospective marijuana retailer. His marijuana thought leadership is published in a variety of media outlets. David serves on various committees including the Boston Freedom Rally committee. He brings his 30+ years of finance experience to bear as our treasurer. 

Lorna McCafferty

Lorna has been involved with cannabis for almost 50 years. Cannabis is an excellent therapy for her lifelong pain from a Junior High gym class accident and congenital problem with her spine that have resulted in 40+ surgeries including seven spinal fusions. High dosages of opioids led Lorna to a zombie-like existence. Lorna was over-prescribed opioids in the past and has discontinued their use except for post-surgical pain. Cannabis has enabled her to live life relatively pain-free without being in an opioid fog. Lorna has been a member of MassCann since 2017 and a director and our Clerk since May 2018. She is active on a variety of MassCann committees and also volunteers for Shrewsbury Media Connection, Shrewsbury’s Public Access TV producing its Senior News, Newsmakers with Matt LaBarre and her own show, CannaCorner.

Robert Jeffrey
Member Liason

Robert first became an activist with MassCann as a volunteer in 2016 at the Boston Freedom Rally. He is a hard worker and fights for what he believes in. The Cannabis Community helps guide him to study and learn more about cannabis and patients rights. He became a member in 2017 where he started to become a full-time activist. He is HIPAA certified as of 2018 and loves to educate every chance he gets.

Kathryn Rifkin

First started smoking weed while demonstrating against the Vietnam War, and left the country when Richard Nixon was re-elected, hitchhiking the Hippy Trail down the Pan-American Highway. She left the cannabis community to raise a family and earn a living, acting like a model citizen until being laid off in the economic crash of 2008. No longer facing pee tests and ballooning Pharma prices, Kathryn started growing her own meds and advocating for the repeal of Prohibition. She will be happy to retire soon, sit under her fig tree and grapevine, and smoke unafraid.

Brian Belliveau
J. Max Piergallini