Grant Smith Ellis

Grant Smith Ellis is a disabled former graduate student who currently engages with the community as a medical cannabis patient advocate and reporter. Grant was studying political philosophy at Boston College (where he was a Double Eagle) in 2014 when he fell seriously disabled following complications from a surgery. After falling disabled, Grant was introduced to cannabis by his doctor following an 18 month period wherein he was in and out of the hospital. As a result of his positive experiences with medical cannabis, Grant became involved with grassroots cannabis activism by way of volunteering for a wide variety of organizations in the local cannabis space where he was grateful to be able to assist with anything from multimedia technology to regulatory policy development or otherwise.

Grant has been speaking at MassCann events since 2017 and, over the past year, took an active role in working to deploy the MassCann Members 420 Zoom Chats along with the digital incarnation of the Virtual Education Village. Grant also worked alongside the Virtual Boston Freedom Rally Committee, in the role of Executive Producer, to help bring the 2020 VBFR to fruition. The consensus driven, and teamwork based, approach Grant witnessed first hand while assisting with the VBFR is what he feels MassCann can be at its very best, and he looks forward to working to uphold those values going forward as well.

Lorna McCafferty

Lorna has been involved with cannabis for almost 50 years. Cannabis is an excellent therapy for her lifelong pain from a Junior High gym class accident and congenital problem with her spine that have resulted in 40+ surgeries including seven spinal fusions. High dosages of opioids led Lorna to a zombie-like existence. Lorna was over-prescribed opioids in the past and has discontinued their use except for post-surgical pain. Cannabis has enabled her to live life relatively pain-free without being in an opioid fog. Lorna has been a member of MassCann since 2017 and a director and our Clerk since May 2019. She is active on a variety of MassCann committees and also volunteers for Shrewsbury Media Connection, Shrewsbury’s Public Access TV producing its Senior News, Newsmakers with Matt LaBarre and her own show, CannaCorner.

David Rabinovitz

David Rabinovitz is our treasurer. David has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2010. He provides consulting services to entrepreneurs entering the industry and is the CEO of NewCann Group/CannaVenture Labs, a prospective marijuana retailer. His marijuana thought leadership is published in a variety of media outlets. David serves on various committees including the Boston Freedom Rally committee. He brings his 30+ years of finance experience to bear as our treasurer. 

Jonathan Batres
Member Liaison

Jonathan “Chops” Batres is a first-generation immigrant and has been a daily cannabis consumer for over 10 years. Chops is trained in public speaking, team management, leadership, and has coached over 100 individual people on communication training. Since the years 2017 through 2019, he has volunteered with MassCann for the Boston Freedom Rally as the BFR volunteer coordinator. In 2020, he volunteered on the Virtual BFR committee. He was accepted into the second cohort of the Social Equity program. He is also a promotional marketing contractor now learning about Information Technology.

Robert Jeffrey

Robert BabyBoi Jeffrey is the owner of CannaDream Creations LLC, D&R Enterprises, along with Robs Auto. Throughout his time involved with grassroots activism, BabyBoi -- as he is known within the community -- has been a stalwart defender of the downtrodden and voiceless. He became a volunteer in 2016 with Masscann then went on to be elected as a director by the membership of MassCann. 

In 2018, BabyBoi became HIPAA Certified to ensure he would be able to follow his dream to help people in need within confidential settings. Over the past three years, he has had the opportunity to speak, volunteer, and coordinate grassroots events at many different venues. Robert speaks from life experience to help guide the future of others towards the right path; helping educate others about how cannabis can help patients and how cannabis can help alleviate the ongoing state-level drug crisis nationwide. Throughout it all, BabyBoi stays busy in his role as an activist. 

J. Max Piergallini

Max Piergallini is relatively new to the cannabis community. A chronic pain patient for more than 20 years, Max found cannabis as an alternative to Opiate pain management in 2016. For him, Cannabis use has always been ‘legal’, which Max recognizes is a very different perspective to the majority of the cannabis community (however it is also a perspective he attempts to bring to the table wherever possible).

Cultivating his own legal plant medicine has been of great benefit, not only in financial savings over purchase, but as therapy, in and of itself. His work with Patriots Helping Vets- a nonprofit dedicated to providing Massachusetts veterans with access to the supplies necessary to grow their own- is the foundation for his activism and gives true meaning to his cannabis work.

Now a vocal advocate for cannabis as an opiate replacement, Max speaks from a personal perspective on Opiate addiction, recovery and cannabis cultivation as therapy for those who may be looking for such an outlet.


Jennifer Gaskin

Jennifer Gaskin is a seasoned operations and compliance professional with more than 15 years of experience in the highly regulated biotech industry. She is the Co-Founder and President of Empress and Bandit Greenery, founded with her eldest son, Louis N. Denis III. E & B Greenery has set out to become the premium cannabis cultivator locally and eventually nationally focused on consistent quality cannabis products cultivated using nature's power. EBG is also focused on social responsibility, education, and empowerment in the cannabis industry. EBG was also the organizing sponsor of Decipher Cannabis 2020 taking place in Worcester, MA on May 30, 2020. 

Jen Nifer