Want to help, but don’t want to miss out on any of the Rally? The most prominent need for volunteers happens from 6-8 pm for post-rally cleanup. The City of Boston charges us a lot of money to clean up the Common after, so if we get a lot of people to help us for even just 20 minutes, it saves money that is better spent fighting for marijuana law reform!

To sign up, please go to 2018 Boston Freedom Rally Volunteer Registration Form and fill out the form, and we will get back to you very soon.

Here are more long term ways to volunteer;

Music Committee not only chooses the bands who will play the Boston Freedom Rally, but also runs the stages during the rally.

Ops and The Bones Crew – The Rally runs on volunteers; we couldn’t possibly recruit the manpower required to produce this monster on our own. Please think about giving us a couple of hours (and of course more if that’s convenient).

Education Committee intends to educate our legislators as well as the voting public concerning the evils of Prohibition and the miraculous qualities of cannabis. We are developing the means to convey these messages and make our Education Village portable to many different venues or sites.

Speakers Committee works in tandem with the Education Committee and conducts interviews with various media. We will be devoting considerable energy to persuading our legislators to NOT strangling the new tax&regulate law with impossible regulations.

Finance Committee reports to the Treasurer and to the IRS, tracking our income and expenses, and keeping our non-profit status in compliance.

Media Committee includes Website Director and Social Media Director, and maintains our internet presence; MassCann.org, MassCann on Facebook, YouTube/MassCann, plus Twitter, and an activist email list. We can use writers as well as photographers and videographers.

Hospitality Committee to be formed, possibly supplying food and beverage, and the means to clean up and recycle, not only small events or back stage at the rally, but also helping all the rally-goers to keep the Common clean and recycle, too. This may entail pushing around carts with trash and recycle barrels on it.

Volunteer Committee is charged with recruiting and deploying anyone willing to give time and effort to the cause to everyone’s best effectiveness. We also want everyone to have a good time, especially at Member Meetings, where we will break the seriousness of it all with some fun and games. We need not only specific jobs filled, but also those who can jump into any position should the odd occasion arise.