Massachusetts Becomes 18th Medical Marijuana State

Massachusetts Becomes 18th Medical Marijuana State

Four years ago, Massachusetts voters decriminalized marijuana possession in the Bay State by an unprecedented 65% landslide.  Tonight, Massachusetts’ Question 3 is cruising to an overwhelming victory, making the Bay State the 18th state, plus the District of Columbia, to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Early results had Question 3 jumping to a commanding 66% lead, and by 9 PM have stabilized at a comfortable 63%.

All New England states except New Hampshire now have legalized medical marijuana in some form.

The passing of Question 3 will allow people suffering from a debilitating medical condition to use medical marijuana upon the recommendation of a doctor with whom they have a bona-fide relationship. When the law goes into effect in early January, 2013, registered patients will be allowed to possess up to a 60-day supply — but what constitutes that supply will be determined by the Department of Health.

The initiative will also set up a system of nonprofit medical marijuana cultivation and distribution centers, and under text of the initiative, up to 35 dispensaries must open within 180 days or a hardship clause will kick in, allowing medical marijuana patients or their caregivers cultivation rights.

While vocal opposition rose in the final weeks of the campaign, Question 3 has enjoyed a commanding lead throughout the campaign, while opposition was mostly disorganized and minimal.

Led by the Committee for Compassionate Medicine, with help from the ACLU of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, the Question 3 campaign was low-key, well-funded and tightly controlled. It worked in the Bay State, despite late opposition from law enforcement, the medical profession, and political figures.

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  1. mk3mojo  December 20, 2012 at 11:12 am

    I have stage 4 cancer, had a partial mandibulotomy and have about two years left. My oncologist, a very kind and talented man, whole heartedly supports my move from oxycodone to cannabis but will not write any referrals. “I have no worries about the Obama administration but I’m worried about another George W. Bush will get into office.” In the Feds eyes any suggestion of using a C1 can result in loss of your DEA ticket, taken with no appeal, effectively ending your medical career.

    Why am I still suffering for the acts of Tipsy McStupid and John “burka on Lady Justice” Ashcroft? I just want to die not being addicted to opioids. I have young children that need me and I can not function on the “conventional” medicines of neurontin (made a veggie) and oxycodone (I can’t skip a dose if I don’t need it because of withdrawals). Cannabis gave me back my life and I want to enjoy my family for the time I have left.

    Screw the haters. Let me die in peace, not in a jail cell for trying to live a functional life. Cancer is tough enough without having to worry about some bullethead trying to protect his sweet, no risk $80k job. I’m just a notch in their belt, regardless of my severe pain or very short life expectancy.

    I should say I am a veteran on the USCG who enlisted on his 17th birthday. I love my country. I just want to be free to follow my doctor’s recommendations.

    I guess Massachusetts really doesn’t have a medical marijuana law yet. And I’ll be back on the opioids and neurontin (aka a lobotomy in pill form) until death. Thank you to all the haters that wish for me to be in unbearable pain. I hope your leech-like uniformed jobs are worth my suffering.

    End the war on patients. End the war on me. Let me die at home with my family, not in jail. Is that too much to ask for? If so, tell me I’m full of crap and just deal with it.

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