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Epstein: Allow states establish laws on marijuana

Mr. Evans’ “In this prohibition saga, Obama plays Herbert Hoover” contains one factual error. The Jones Act became law in 1929 when Coolidge signed it two days before leaving office. It also contains one error of omission, he limits his advocacy to freeing each state “to enact, implement and enforce their own medical marijuana laws.” […]

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LTE: Just regulate pot

Thank you for giving voice to the now growing majority of us who support most of what was written by Dr. John Frantz (“Marijuana should be quasi-legal,” Oct. 27). What the good doctor refers to as a “new category,” however, is a category that already exists and it is called “regulation” — a more fitting […]

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Easing our way to medical marijuana is humane, not cynical

RE “MARIJUANA genome: Fighting cancer, dude’’ (Editorial, Aug. 20): Rarely mentioned in the debate over the legal status of this plant, valued since the dawn of agriculture for its nutritious seeds, durable fiber, medicinal qualities, and, yes, its ability to alter consciousness, are the constitutional limits on the power of the state. The federal and […]

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Boston Phoenix: Frank Talk

I was pleased to see Harvey Silverglate’s story about the collaboration between myself and Ron Paul in the effort to remove all federal criminal restrictions on personal marijuana use (Freedom Watch: “Are Civil (Liberties) Unions America’s Best Hope?“, This Just In, July 15). I believe this is one area where the public is far ahead […]

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Letter: Time to cash in on pot’s tax potential

In the June 8 editorial “Growing haze of confusion around state’s pot law,” The Ledger once again sides with law enforcement that Question 2, overwhelmingly approved by the people in November 2008, “has come with unintended and troubling consequences.” At the core of public servants’ recent complaint is their loss of power to search for […]

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Epstein: The right to use cannabis

Regarding Attorney Cutler’s Guest Opinion, “Liberty and the odor of marijuana” (May 8), I would like to point out that cannabis prohibition violates the citizens’ right to liberty. We learned last Thursday night at the Republican Presidential Candidate debate that Congressman Ron Paul and former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson understand this. Article 18 of […]

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Marijuana law means whiff is not enough

Persons who value the advantages of liberty and the principles of the constitution of Massachusetts will remember April 19 of 2011, the 236th anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord, as a little more special. It was the day that the Supreme Judicial Court released an opinion that the smell of burnt marijuana no […]

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