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Judge Ireland Schools the Police

Two paragraphs were hidden away in this story Malden Council Makes Marijuana Use Punishable by Arrest, like charms in a Christmas pudding. The bulk of the article reports on Malden’s escalating punishment ethos, and a quote from Judge Ireland was included, but got no further comment. “By mandating that possession of such a small quantity […]

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April 29 – One Hundredth Anniversary of first Mass. law interfering with commerce in cannabis

April 29, 2011, marks the one hundredth anniversary of Massachusetts’ first law (see below) interfering with free commerce in Cannabis intended for human consumption. It was the first state law concerning Cannabis in the nation. The 1911 law required a prescription from a physician. Massachusetts’ medical users would benefit from returning to the law of 1911.  It […]

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COMMONWEALTH vs. BENJAMIN CRUZ, 459 Mass. 459 (2011)

  Present: IRELAND, SPINA, COWIN, CORDY, BOTSFORD, & GANTS, JJ. [FN1]  Controlled Substances. Practice, Criminal, Motion to suppress. Search and Seizure, Threshold police inquiry, Probable cause, Automobile. Constitutional Law, Search and seizure, Investigatory stop, Reasonable suspicion, Probable cause. Threshold Police Inquiry. Probable Cause. Statute, Construction. COMPLAINT received and sworn to in the West Roxbury Division […]

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ROCKLAND ARTICLE #45 The town voted to amend this by-law by striking out “criminal indictment or complaint pursuant to G.L. c.40 s. 21.or ” and voted to adopt article 45 as amended. PUBLIC CONSUMPTION OF MARIJUANA OR TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL No person shall smoke, ingest, or otherwise use or consume marijuana or tetrahydrocannabinol (as defined in G.L. […]

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