Recreational Use

“Low Priority” says President Obama re WA and CO, or, Hope He Means It This Time

HuffPo reports today, “High Times”! The President has stated in an interview with Barbara WaWa that prosecuting recreational users is not a priority. He did not say anything about how he will treat the medical cannabis industry. ABC posts a video of Barbara Walters and clips of her interview with the President.

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Does Medical Marijuana Increase Teen Pot Use?

  In states where marijuana is legal, for medicinal purposes, some law-enforcement officials have expressed concern about an increase in teenage drug use. When the U.S. Attorney for Colorado sent letters to marijuana dispensaries located within 1,000 feet of schools, asking them to relocate or close, he cited an increase in drug-related school disciplinary incidents […]

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MassCann/NORML’s First professional poll in Massachusetts is completed

58% would support a ballot question that legalized marijuana  and regulated it in the same manner as other agricultural commodities but prohibited sale to underage persons! MassCann/NORML with thanks to the NORML Foundation, donors (whether they did so directly for polling or by attending one of our many benefit events and the FREEDOM RALLY) conducted a […]

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