Confirmed speakers for the 2012 Boston Freedom Rally:

Terry Franklin (Founding member of the AmherstCannabis Reform Coalition)
Erik Williams (Executive Director Connecticut NORML)
Erik Altieri (Communication Director NORML)
Barney Frank (Mass Congressman)
Debby Goldsberry (Founder / Director United Cannabis Collective)
Jodie Emery (Owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine)
Lester Grinspoon (Author of Marihuana Reconsidered)
Madeline Martinez (Executive Director Oregon NORML)
Allen St. Pierre (Executive Director NORML)
Sabrina Fendrick (Founder of NORML Women’s Alliance)
Chris Farone (Author of 99 Night with the 99 Percent)
Julia Rose (Peter McWilliams Memorial)
Jeff Morris (Director MassCann)
Keith Stroup (Founder of NORML)
Jon Napoli (Hempest)
Jeff Herman (Director MassCann)
Dick Evans (Lawyer from North Hampton)
Diane Fornbacher (Co-Director NORML Women’s Alliance)
Greta Gaines (Leader NORML Women’s Alliance)
Jack Cole (Founder Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)
Cara Crabb-Burnham (Director MassCann)
Judge Jim Gray (Running Mate with Gary Johnson for Presidential Candidate)
Catherine Leach (City Council Women in Rhode Island)
Mike ‘Cann’ Crawford (Former President of MassCann)
John Vergados (SKUNK Magazine)
Dr. Sunil Aggarwal (NYU Rusk Institute Of Rehabilitation Medicine Resident Physician)
Doug Greene (Empire State NORML
Laura Notini (Empire State NORML)
Keith Saunders (host of Boston Pot Report)
Matt Anders (President SU NORML)
John Decker (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)
Armando Vasquez (Emerson Reform)