The Boston Freedom Rally

The Boston Freedom Rally



Danny Danko Boston Freedom Rally 2015

by Bobby Turner









The 26th annual Boston Freedom Rally was a success with amazing speakers and different music playing throughout the Boston Common for a two day peaceful protest as goers practiced civil disobedience consuming Cannabis in support of its freedom and blooming social acceptance. Collecting signatures for Bay State Repeal Initiative to Petition 15-23 was the highlighted theme at this years rally!




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MassCann is officially endorsing Bay State Repeal Initiative Petition for a Law ending Marihuana prohibition for persons 21 years of age or older, No. 15-23 on the 2016 ballot! This year at the 26th Boston Freedom Rally we will be collecting signatures and we need at least 65,000 to see it on the ballot next year! Check out the initiative we will be supporting by reading the summary here or download/print the petition! Read the petition sample here!




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