Hold the Dates: Freedom Rally Sept. 14 and 15

Hold the Dates: Freedom Rally Sept. 14 and 15

Boston’s first two-day Freedom Rally is coming soon: September 14 and 15, Saturday and Sunday on the Boston Common. Hours will be noon-8 p.m. on Saturday and noon-6 p.m. on Sunday. A larger-than-ever lineup of bands and speakers is being assembled, as well as the usual food and good cheer. The focus of the rally will be the planned legalization drive for 2016, when MassCann hopes to be a player in shaping a citizen initiative to legalize marijuana like the one that legalized medical marijuana in 2012. Save the date and join us! Your freedom is waiting!

  • jwmarsh

    Why an initiative in 2016? Why not 2014?

    • Andy G

      I get the itchy feeling sometimes too that there’s an election in 2014. So far our strategic decision is that the presidential election brings out more voters, especially more young voters. If we can only mount one good campaign, then 2016 seems like a better prospect for victory.