Educate Yourself

Within the last century we have been not just misinformed, but blatantly lied to about Cannabis and what it really does. Through an act of racism, an operation lead by hatred and ego halted the progressive nature of mankind with prohibition.

What has been discovered in history, science, and medicine is Cannabis can actually reverse most of the problems we are facing as a species and environment to date. Balancing homestasis, cleansing the air and soil from nuclear toxins (phytoremediation), biodegradable products, and many more all come from this one plant.

It is more crucial now than even before the need to educate yourself while we make a U turn in perspective. Change is difficult, but if we want to make the hump over Mt. Reefer Madness, knowledge and compassion are vital. Ease your friends and family into processing these truths as they contradict what they’ve known their whole life.


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