Consumption FAQ’s

Don’t alcohol and tobacco use already cause enough damage to society? Why should we legalize an

While there are indeed health and societal problems due to the use of alcohol and nicotine, these negative consequences would be amplified if consumption of either substance were prohibited. Marijuana is already the third most popular recreational drug in America, despite harsh laws against its use. Millions of Americans smoke it responsibly. Our public policies […]

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But isn’t marijuana addictive?

Substantial research exists regarding marijuana and addiction. While the scientific community has yet to achieve full consensus on this matter, the majority of epidemiological and animal data demonstrate that the reinforcing properties of marijuana in humans is low in comparison to other drugs of abuse, including alcohol and nicotine. According to the U.S. Institute of […]

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Who smokes marijuana?

According to recent statistics provided by the federal government, nearly 77 million Americans admit having smoked marijuana. Of these, twenty million Americans smoked marijuana during the past year. Many successful business and professional leaders — including many state and elected federal officials such as former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, former House […]

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Isn’t marijuana addictive?

What isn’t? Let’s define an “addict” as a user who says: “I’ve tried to cut back but don’t seem to be able to”. About 7%-9% of marijuana users agree with this statement, which should be compared with the 80% of smokers who agree. (You are asked to consult your personal experience for the number of […]

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