Top Ten Ways Bands Can Get Booked to Play the Rally

 Here’s how you get your band in the 2013 show.  It might be easier than you think!

  1. Mention that you support the good work of a local organization called MassCann in your band media interviews. Please mention our website:
  2. Enter and win NEXT YEAR’S Battle for the Rally!
  3. Get your band members to join MassCann. Send your press kit or cd in with your membership dues.
  4. Print up Masscann membership forms for your band’s merchandise table at shows. Urge your fans to join. Tell them to be sure to include your band’s name on the memo section of their membership check.
  5. Play or organize a MassCann benefit.
  6. Make a donation. This always gets noticed. Write your band’s name in the memo field of the check.
  7. Attend member and/or Board meetings.
  8. Next time you see a marijuana related story in your paper, write a letter to the editor supporting reform and MassCann. Mention your band. Cross promotion works for both of us!
  9. Write a song or perform a song about marijuana reform or MassCann.
  10. Volunteer! A few years ago a hard working band called Rainshine collected thousands of signatures and got to play in front of 35,000 at the Boston Freedom Rally.