MASSCANN Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors:


Bill Flynn President, Merchandise Committee, Bones Crew;

Athlete, cancer survivor, prohibition fighter, patient, and cannabis activist. He has been active with MassCann/NORML Since 1993. Member and elected to Board of Directors since 1997. Head of Bones Crew for the early bird volunteers, setting up the Boston Freedom Rally every year, as well as breaking it down with the night owl volunteers. President since 2014.






Linda NoelTreasurer, Finance, and Education Committee;,

One of the founders of MassCann/NORML. She filed the permit for the first Boston Freedom Rally at the USS Constitution. She works closely with Kathryn Rifkin on the Education Village and coordinates the speakers at the annual Boston Freedom Rally. She is also a farmer, growing hydroponic tomatoes in Franklin MA and aspires to be a craft cannabis farmer – intending to grow both high-quality hemp for oil and sun-grown organic flower for smoking/vaping. She has a passion for the cannabis plant and has worked hard to make cannabis prohibition a thing of the past. She is also proud and grateful to be a cannabis patient.






Kathryn Rifkin Clerk, Education Committee;

First started smoking weed while demonstrating against the Viet Nam War, and left the country when Richard Nixon was re-elected, hitchhiking the Hippy Trail down the Pan-American Highway. She left the cannabis community to raise a family and earn a living, acting like a model citizen until being laid off in the economic crash of 2008. No longer facing pee tests and ballooning Pharma prices, Kathryn started growing her own meds and advocating for the repeal of Prohibition. She will be happy to retire soon, sit under her fig tree and grapevine, and smoke unafraid.





Maggie Kinsella Press Secretary, Media Committee;

Spends most of her free time researching cannabis past to present and everything in between. She expanded her knowledge and network attending the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis (NIC). After graduating, she worked as an office secretary for a certified cannabis doctor assisting patients with online registration for their medical marijuana card. She worked in a Massachusetts medical marijuana cultivation facility as a trimmer and advanced to Harvest Supervisor. After a year in the industry, she circled back to NIC as the Admissions Coordinator for almost a year. She is now freelancing with her partner setting up a cannabis garden for those growing at home. Currently working with different organizations concerning energy efficiency and sustainability, health and safety, quality control, and employee rights in the industry.






Bill Downing Member Liaison, Volunteer Committee;

  • Savvy PR – The world’s first and still only Publicity Evaluation and Tracking Software (PETS) for monetizing otherwise assumed PR results
  • ResuMemory/CertBank – Online document stabilization technology for use in law, education, compliance training and to reduce résumé fraud
  • Corporate Learning Solutions – Helped bring workplace compliance training and testing from legal experts at Seyfarth Shaw and Jackson Lewis online and interactive
  • Willy’s Foods, LLC – A barbeque sauce company offering four chemical-free, clean and healthy low-sugar marinades sold at over 200 stores in New England and New York, including Whole Foods Markets
  • Care Givers Connection, LLC dba Yankee Care Givers – Serving cannabis products to over 1,200 medical marijuana patients at costs well-below street prices for third-party tested cannabis products of all sorts delivered to your door with no delivery charge.
  • Caregivers Connection, LLC dba CBD Please provides lab-tested, whole-plant hemp-based products with levels of CBD useful for cannabis patients.

While still working as a representative for Philips in 1990, Bill joined MASS CANN/NORML and within a few months was elected President and since then he has voluntarily dedicated a large portion of his waking hours to the moderation of marijuana laws. He was president for 13 years and is now the editor of the members’ newsletter MASS GRASS and member liaison. He was one of two operations managers for the Massachusetts Coalition for Medicinal Cannabis (MC2) and managed a team of volunteer petitioners who, in 1990, gathered over 13,000 signatures in support of a Cambridge City Council home-rule petition supporting medicinal marijuana (over 7,000 more signatures were collected later in the Speaker’s district). MC2 kick-started a chain of events that culminated in:

Since 1991 he has been the primary organizer of MC/N’s annual Fall Freedom Rally on Boston Common which has generated donations of over $400,000. The Freedom Rally was the largest annual marijuana-related rally until the Seattle Hempfest grew larger in the late 1990s.

He worked with ACLU attorney John Swomley to bring four suits against the City of Boston winning immediate injunctive relief and eventually judgments totaling over $30,000. These suits have helped to assure the City of Boston cannot limit public political assemblies on Boston Common – the first public place in the known universe where freedom of speech and assembly were guaranteed by law.

He maintains the MC/N library and, partly as a result, has detailed knowledge regarding many aspects of the subject. He has been High Times Activist of the Month twice, once as an individual and once as a MC/N board member, and was the very first subscriber to DRCNet.

His training as a professional marketing/salesperson and entrepreneur combines well with his experience as a leader of a marijuana law reform organization. He is quite at home speaking publicly and has:

Bill has bought, sold and grown marijuana and other cannabis products since he was 15 years old (40+ years). As a renter in 1975, he began small indoor gardens, mostly in a wooden armoire refitted for that purpose. In spring 2006 he “re-vegged” an Apple Fluff cannabis plant, which grew to a size for which it is a local legend. The thick trunk of this plant was preserved and in 2011 fashioned into the handle of the official MASS CANN/NORML gavel. That large plant has been here-to-fore referred to as the “Gavel Plant”. He is now growing: Dairy Queen, Angel Cake and 10 other strains. His long involvement with many aspects of cannabis has endowed him with a rich volume of contacts and friends, some of whom also grow and sell cannabis.


Jeff Morris CEO & Chairman

Started his cannabis activist career in late 2008 when founding a NORML chapter at Suffolk University.  After leading the 1,000+ student member-based organization through statehouse testimonies, city rallies, education events, and social connections, Jeff ran for the Board of Directors for MassCANN/NORML in the spring of 2011.  Since 2011, Jeff has held many roles within MassCANN, such as Speaker Committee Chairperson, Music Committee Chairperson, Social Media Chairperson, as well as his current role as Chairman of the Board. Concurrently acting as the Director of Operations for the Boston Freedom Rally, Jeff focuses on organization, management, teamwork, and engagement, which strive to make MassCANN one of the leading cannabis activist organizations in the country.



Brittny Mammano Social Media;

Director on the MassCann/NORML board for 3 years, Chair of the Social Media team, part of MC’s mission to the Statehouse advocating for fair cannabis industry, and part of the Bones Crew staging the Boston Freedom Rally the second largest cannabis event in the world. As a medical cannabis patient, Brittny is developing a tea blend helpful for others. She has PTSD and consumes cannabis to help control her anxiety, amongst other things. When she’s not glued to the computer or her phone, Brittny enjoys playing in the garden and going on hikes.






David Duhart Marketing;  

Marketing Director for MassCann and is responsible for the development and implementation of their brand strategy. He also is the Production Manager for the Boston Freedom Rally.

With over 14-years in the military and several tours of duty under his belt, he knows first-hand the ravages of combat and their toll on the mind and body. After returning from Afghanistan, he was diagnosed with severe PTSD and prescribed rounds of narcotics as treatment. The effects were devastating and disconnected him from normal functioning. Then, he discovered the miracle of medical marijuana and the trajectory of his life was altered enabling him to terminate mind-altering drugs and return to normal.   

David recognized that other soldiers undergoing similar post-deployment trauma were also prescribed powerful pharmaceutical drugs with the same results. He realized that the same Cannabis treatments which had benefitted his life could have broader success if supported by legislation and compelling marketing. In 2016 he joined left his aircraft mechanic position and joined forces with Masscann in the fight for cannabis reforms in the state of Massachusetts.

He is a passionate musician working on his degree in Entertainment Management and Audio Production. He’s also an outside-the-box curiosity king – an adventure seeker who lives out his passions via dirt biking, hi-tech drone technology, anime, comics and traveling the world when the opportunity arises. He’s a firm believer that if you want something, you have to work hard and make it happen. David lives in the Greater Boston area and is married to an adventure-loving wife and three spirited children who live in the fast lane where there is always another adventure just around the corner.


Nichole Snow Medical Marijuana;

After meeting hundreds of patients across the state of Massachusetts while advocating for their right to safe access, Nichole was invited to take a leadership role in the alliance in 2014. Since becoming director of the fledgling organization, Nichole worked with all stakeholders involved in the implementation of Ch.369, ‘An Act for the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana’ to craft and implement viable regulations, site over 100 safe access points across the Commonwealth, and grow the number certified patients from 153 in October of 2014 to a total of 47,424 as of February 28, 2018.  

Beginning her career in telecommunications, she now champions for patients’ rights to
safe access to medical marijuana as the president & executive director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc. and currently sits as an ex-officio advisory board member to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Nichole has cultivated relationships with well-known mainstream media outlets and holds a strong tie to the community through national, local, and social media. After suffering two major car accidents and enduring debilitating muscle spasms resulting from them, she retired from her telecommunications career to follow through with her dream of safe access for all.


“Stoners can be successful. Everyone’s wired differently; if someone lacks motivation, that’s on them”. – Philip Hardy

Phil Hardy  Music Committee;

Proud stoner who has never lacked motivation.  He has also never let an opportunity pass him by, getting into the cannabis industry on the ground floor, and in the span of a few short years, becoming one of the most well-known names in the marijuana business on the east coast.  

Phil, the self-admitted black sheep, of a big French-Irish family and youngest of 8 children in Lowell, MA, lost his mother to cancer when he was 9, and his brother-in-law, Brian Kinney, in the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001.  Having grown cannabis in his bedroom at home since age 16, he turned to it heavily to help cope with the losses as a way of dealing with the stress. Today, as the owner of The Hardy Consultants, he doesn’t accept payment when he sets up a medical marijuana home-grow for someone battling cancer.  He is living proof that a forward-thinking, opportunistic entrepreneur can also have a gentle spirit and give back to those who are hurting, struggling and in need. It’s in his nature to give back. 

As a graduate of Greater Lowell Technical High School in 2001, Phil went on to obtain his Journeyman Plumbing License in 2004. He worked with his dad in the Hardy family’s 3rd-generation plumbing business until his father took ill in 2009. Phil took a position at a government facility working for the Department of Defense until 2014 when he joined the team at the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis. Starting as an intern, Phil earned a full course scholarship and was enlisted by the former NIC Cultivation instructor to install the school’s mock, indoor grow setup.  He volunteered time with NIC and Uplifting Health and Wellness, spending hours offering his subject matter expertise and other assistance to faculty and students, as well as support for their patients.

Phil and the rest of The Hardy Consultants had their most dynamic year in 2016, and life has come at him at a breakneck speed ever since.  In March 2016, he was voted to the Board of Directors of MASSCANN, the leading state advocacy group in the fight against Prohibition of cannabis. As a member of MASSCANN, Phil was named Chairman of the Music Committee for the 2016 Boston Freedom Rally and was vital in bringing in top sponsors, as well as top talent to the BFR. The overwhelming success helped make the 2016 rally the largest in MASSCAN’s 27-year history and rose again as 2017’s rally proved to be even bigger. From the time slots for musicians filling months in advance to everyone wanting to be part of the unforgettable event.  Phil has also guest judged for the High Times Cannabis Competitions as well as many other local and national cannabis competitions; most recently was seen rubbing elbows with Tommy Chong, Hannibal Burress, and 2Chainz when he was asked to be an extra on Viceland for his good friend Zairilla Bacon. He has been a consistent presence at protests and legalization rallies for the past several years and seems to be everywhere at once, jetting from meeting to meeting, state to state in jeans and a hoodie, toting a backpack covered in pro-legalization hat pins. His belief in the future of the marijuana industry and the community is palpable and infectious.

Today, Phil has signed on as Director of Cultivation for a commercial grow which will be responsible for supplying multiple dispensaries in MA.

On top of the many hats he wears in the craziness of his day-to-day life, Phil has developed quite a green thumb. He has over 15+ years of experience in cultivating multitudes of small to large-scale grows, both indoor and outdoor. His combined passion for the cannabis industry and commitment to the highest of standards are what Phil credits for much of his success.  His life is a wild ride, crazy most of the time, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Samson Raccioppi Website Administrator;

Grew up in Newburyport and has lived in Salisbury for the past 20 years. His past includes many years in the IT service industry and an enlistment with the US Army. Sam currently attends Suffolk University working towards a BS in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and will continue to law school. He is very active in the college and activist communities and is fiercely dedicated to the preservation of our civil liberties.






Shannon Jones ∞

Became active with MassCann/NORML in early 2017 for Lobby Day and continued to volunteer for the organization throughout the year. She was born in Washington, DC, grew up in PG County, Maryland and moved to Marlborough, MA in 1998. In 2002 she graduated from Marlborough High (Go Panthers) and attended St. John’s University in Jamaica Queens, NY. In only three years, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and a minor in Communication Arts. Early in her career Shannon held some exciting positions in the sports industry, worked as an Assistant Manager at a bank, a Bookkeeper and more recently a Clinical Operations Specialist. As she transitions her skills, she hopes to help diversify and promote inclusion in the cannabis industry/community with her start-up business, The Connekt. While the industry continues to grow, her most important job is raising her 9-year-old daughter and being an example of a responsible parent who likes to puff, puff, and pass (with person’s 21+ of course)!


Will Luzier ∞

In 1970 Will Luzier, the Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project of Massachusetts, was arrested for possession of less than a quarter ounce of marijuana. The case was dismissed due to an illegal search.  The experience cemented his resolve that marijuana prohibition should end. That resolve was deferred by a career in law and politics. Will graduated from New England Law in 1978 and was appointed as an Assistant Attorney General where he served for twelve years. After a Boston City Council candidacy in 1993, he began to work in the Massachusetts Senate for two Senators, Warren, and Steven Tolman.  From 2008 to 2015 he served as the Executive Director of the Interagency Council on Substance Abuse & Prevention. In July 2015 he was able to meld his political and legal experience with his passion for ending marijuana prohibition as the Campaign Manager for Yes on 4 to Tax & Regulate Marijuana. Will is serving his first term as a MassCann Director.




 Snail mail: MassCann/NORML P.O. Box 211 Reading, MA 01867-0311 –  Phone: 781-944-2266

(Back Row L to R: Will Luzier, Phil Hardy, Maggie Kinsella, Shannon Jones, Brittny Mammano, Jeff Morris, Bill Downing, Dave Duhart, Sam Racioppi) (Front Row L to R: Kathryn Rifkin, Linda Noel, Nichole Snow, Bill Flynn)