MASSCANN Board of Directors

MassCann’s Board of Directors are elected annually at the MassCann member’s meeting in January by the members in good standing with voting rights. The MassCann Board of Directors meet the last Wednesday of every month. Meetings are open to the public.


2016 Board of Directors:

  • Bill Flynn, President,
  • Linda Noel, Treasurer,
  • Kathryn Rifkiin, Clerk,
  • Andy Gaus, Press Secretary,
  • Lilith Astaroth, Director
  • Austin Davis, Director
  • RachelRamone Donlan, Director
  • Bill Downing, Director
  • Michelle Kelley, Director
  • Phil Hardy, Director
  • Brittny Mammano, Director
  • Jeff Morris, Director
  • Harrison Hawkes Usher, Director