THAT Prohibition destroys communities, supports cartels, violence, and corruption, and there is no honor in upholding it.

THAT Cannabis is essential to good health and endogenous cannabinoids are in mothers milk for a good reason.

AND THAT testing for cannabinoids for DUI is unscientific and inappropriate.


INVITATION TO Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Marty Walsh, Speaker Robert DeLeo, Attorney General Maura Healey, and all the Senators who went to Colorado and could not see what was before their very eyes.

Education Village

WE WILL PRESENT THE SCIENCE:  In an open to the public Education Village held at the New England Cannabis Convention, April 22 & 23 at the Hynes, at Extravaganja April 29 in Northampton, maybe even in the State House itself at a Seminar Day, and at the Boston Freedom Rally on the Boston Common, September 15, 16, & 17. There will be a well-thought out curriculum of classes in 8 areas of concern, to educate our legislators why prohibition is a failure and why cannabis is worthy of respect.

Prohibition is Destroying Our Communities

Repair the Community

Activism Helps

Support Groups

Cannabis is Humankind’s Manhattan Project

Cannabis is Essential Health Supplement

Recipes How To Grow, Make, Take Your Medicine

Peace and Love; The Spirituality of Cannabis

Legislature Adjourns to Next Week, No MJ Bill

LEGISLATURE ADJOURNS TO NEXT WEEK WITHOUT A MARIJUANA BILL No pot bill compromise will reach the governor’s desk before next week at the earliest. The House and Senate both adjourned their Thursday sessions to meet again Monday, foreclosing the opportunity for...

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Last Ditch Effort! CALL your Senator and Rep!

Here is a good template to follow when calling; “Please respect the will of the voters and support S2097. The Senate amendment is close to what the voters of Massachusetts supported in Question 4! Express your support of the Senate bill, S2097, as it retains the 12%...

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Mainstream, meet Reality

Some might or might not have been surprised such drastic bills were filed after the majority of Massachusetts voters approved Question 4 language, but here we are. What’s not surprising is the push back from some Boston media outlets hurling insults to downplay...

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ACTION ITEM – Call Senator Richard Ross 617-722-1555

ACTION ITEM CALL SENATOR RICHARD ROSS 617-722-1555 and EMAIL and tell him to SUPPORT S.2097 Senator Richard Ross, a Republican, is a rabid prohibitionist who has been appointed to the reconciliation committee to replace Senator deMacedo who...

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The Weed Game

Trying to wrap your head around the bill submitted by the legislature for recreational marijuana is nauseating to say the least. Question 4 was a solid start turned into a playing piece in what seems like the longest game of monopoly getting the cannabis industry up...

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Yes, Kill This Bill – it is a Bill of Attainder. (ver3)

KILL THE BILL This bill is horrifying in it’s complete divorce from the testimony heard, not only on Beacon Hill, but also out in the western part of the state. (Bill of Attainder – discrimination against a grop of people. For more, see below for Wikipedia...

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Rewrite of Question 4 expected Thursday, June 15

CONFIRMED The state House of Representatives is holding a formal session on Thursday, June 15. The session starts at 11 a.m., with roll calls after 1 p.m. The Joint Committee on Marijuana Policy’s rewrite of the Question 4 is expected to be introduced that day....

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ACTION ALERT! Call your legislator: Vote NO on House Bill H3776!! YES on S2097!!


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