THAT Prohibition destroys communities, supports cartels, violence, and corruption, and there is no honor in upholding it.

THAT Cannabis is essential to good health and endogenous cannabinoids are in mothers milk for a good reason.

AND THAT testing for cannabinoids for DUI is unscientific and inappropriate.


INVITATION TO Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Marty Walsh, Speaker Robert DeLeo, Attorney General Maura Healey, and all the Senators who went to Colorado and could not see what was before their very eyes.

Education Village

WE WILL PRESENT THE SCIENCE:  In an open to the public Education Village held at the Boston Freedom Rally on the Boston Common, September 17 & 18, 2016. There will be a well-thought out curriculum of classes in 8 areas of concern, to educate our legislators and voters in preparation for Question 4 on the ballot.

Prohibition is Destroying Our Communities

Repair the Community

Activism Helps

Support Groups

Cannabis is Humankind’s Manhattan Project

Cannabis is Essential Health Supplement

Recipes How To Grow, Make, Take Your Medicine

Spirituality, Peace and Love

Tell State Officials to Follow the Will of Voters

Dear Supporter, Although we succeeded on Election Day, we must remain vigilant and active. State officials are already delaying implementation and discussing ways to repeal key provisions of Question 4, which voters approved by a substantial margin. First, please call...

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Let’s Stay Cool and Calm on Legal Marijuana

By Record Staff    If recent news reports are to be believed, some in our state are hyperventilating about the imminent legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts which was approved by voters in the recent election. Their opposition primarily is two-fold: First, that...

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Public Health Council To Address 5 Areas of Concern

On January 3rd in Boston, and January 5th in Holyoke (see events calendar), the Public Health Council will hear testimony concerning existing regulations. The proposed regulations are limited in number as shown below and at their website. See the Commonwealth of...

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Respect Will of The People on Question 4

by Joshua Mintzer On Election Day, we in the commonwealth voted on an important issue after a highly contentious campaign cycle. One side was replete with facts, positive vision for the future, logic, and stood as a beacon for increasing our liberty and economic...

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Lyceum at First Parish, Bedford, re Question 4

Lyceum at First Parish, Bedford, re Question 4

Nov 18, 2016 | Letter to the Editor Submitted by Dorothy Africa, Bedford Lyceum moderator The Bedford Lyceum at First Parish Church convened a pre-election panel on November 6, 2016 to consider the social impact of ballot Question Four on Bedford and Massachusetts. ...

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Question 4 Passed, But More Social Justice Needed

Our 100+ year persecution of things cannabis and cannabis using people is finally over, for the most part. I got a call this morning from a young gal whose three children were taken from her by DCF when both she and her newborn tested for THC. Unimaginable heartache....

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These 9 States Can Neuter the WOD, from The Daily Beast

LUKE O’NEIL 11.07.16 1:34 PM ET On the morning on July 17, 2015 law enforcement agents stormed the Reading, Mass. home of Bill Downing. Armed with machine guns and dressed in flak jackets, the inter-agency force, comprised of Boston Police, local police, the DEA, and...

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Here is Revolutionary Rachel Donlan fanning the flames of rebellion from her vantage point in Weymouth. Look out world! With John...

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Days Until Legalization Effective








ACTION ALERT! Contact your legislators to oppose any restrictions not included in the law or any delay in implementing


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